Business Automation Web Application

Business Process Automation

Are you looking to imporve your business process digitally with detail reported, process status and client maintenance?

With help of our BPA Web Application you can maintain from sales to invoice.


This pack contain how many calls sales team makes and call status (confirmed / followup / cancelled) and "Minutes of Meeting".

Team Leader

He plays main roal of this total package, he have to divied the project into various team, alort resources, set schedule everything.


With help of employee report we can assume project / work status exactly. He can chat with any higher team / employee under any task based. Employee can get commention about his work from HR, team leader, clients as well.


Here HR mainly focused on requirements. For requirement team leaders are the person can give required skills for employee, But automatically system give suggestion based on work delay, project hold up and other statergies


Here account handling person can manage project payments, subscribing monthly amounts, pending payments based on clinets / based on projects, general expenses, salary other expenses.

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